What You Need to Know About Crumb Rubber

Crumb rubber is mainly obtained from the recycling process of waste tires. This rubber modified asphalt that has been modified chemically. Its rheological properties are known to improve at high and low temperatures thereby providing a longer life as compared to the conventional asphalt.

It is more expensive than the regular asphalt, but it has many advantages over it. Studies that have been conducted have revealed that it is effective in overcoming some of the major problems experienced with the regular rubber asphalt. Again, rubber crumb has improved properties that make it ideal for road construction. Its pieces are blended with hot paving asphalt cement.

The blend produced is widely used in pavement. Recycle tires constitute about 25% of the binder. This binder is very flexible and tougher. The tire is also helpful in increasing the viscosity of the binder as well as improving the pavement’s resistance against cracking. It is also highly resistant to weathering and oxidation.old tires

Types of crumb rubber

Terminal blend

It is made of finely grounded rubber. The composition of crumb rubber modifier in the terminal blend is about 15-20 %. The mixing process is done at the refinery. For consistency, liquid asphalt which has been modified is mixed with crumb rubber. You can also mix it with coarse aggregate. Grinding rubber finely is helpful in reducing the amount of rubber used as well as increasing the efficiency of the mixing process.

Asphalt rubber

This is another version of crumb rubber that consists of paving grade asphalt, vulcanized rubber, and other additives. It is produced by mixing rubber with asphalt cement. Unlike with the terminal blend, here the mixing process is done on the site.

Advantages of crumb rubber


It has been proven to be more durable as compared to the regular asphalt concrete since it is highly resistant to cracking. It can, therefore, last for longer than the conventional asphalt. You can use it to extend the life of your roadway. In addition to this, it is known for resisting softening and brittleness that is very common with the typical asphalt concrete.


Its maintenance cost is very low because it is highly resistant to cracking. It is resistant to weathering and oxidation making it less brittle. You can save up to 50 % of the overall cost by using crumb rubber.


It can maintain its dark for long as compared to the standard overlays. Additionally, it has a high resistance to weathering, and it is capable of absorbing noise thereby reducing noise on the road.



home office setup

Important Components of a Home Office

Working from your home can be one of the most rewarding experiences that you will ever go through. The ability to access your office, and work anytime you want, make your work experiences more enjoyable. Indeed, you can be more productive when you choose to work from home.

However, it also depends on how you set up the home office. The fact that you are not going to the other office does not mean that you will be working under just any condition that you can think of. You have to set up the office properly because it determines your productivity. Whether you are self-employed or working for someone else online, you will have to know about the important components of a home office so that you do not miss anything. The list of things that you should buy is almost endless, but we can group them based on the following categories.

Buying home office furniture

home officeTo set up an office at home, you have to buy the right furniture. Do not take some of your home furniture and start using them at the office because they will not suit. To start with, the furniture that you bought for your home may not be suitable for many hours of work.

They may not be able to give you the right body alignment, and therefore, you will not be comfortable. What you should do is to go to any office furniture store and buy the best home office chair and desk as the priority. Office cabinets, shelves, and everything else that you may need, also matters. This also depends on the kind of job that you will be doing in there.

Buying home office equipment

After you have found the right furniture, your focus should shift to finding the kinds of equipment that will make your work easier. The common office equipment includes computers, printers, copiers, and paper storage equipment. You also may be looking for water and beverage dispensers, AC, and security equipment. It is meant to ensure that you do not end up lacking the essential required to perform your duties. It is important to go for trusted brands when buying home office equipment because it reflects the quality and durability that you are likely to get.

Decorating a home office

home office decorationYou should not ignore the importance of office decor just because it is a home office. Even if there will be few or no clients visiting this office, you have to decorate it in a way that it reflects what space is about. This affects your working too. When you cannot get the office mood once you sit at your desk, there is no way you will achieve your full productivity. Office decorations include wallpapers, rugs, stickers, branding, and many other aspects that are unique to your business.


Setting up a home office should not be a difficult task as long as you know what to do. You also should consider the operations that will be taking place in the office because not every business requires the same type of setting. Think about the things that are unique to your business.…


Signs you need to replace your HVAC system

Although every HVAC system is unique and there is a set standard for when the system should be replaced, there are some signs which you can look for which indicate a need for replacement. You can consider this option especially if a trusted technician has also recommended the same since there are chances you will be spending a lot on frequent repairs. The following are some of the signs that your HVAC system needs replacement.

You have used it for than ten years

While HVAC experts say some systems can work for up to 20 years, these units usually still lose efficiency over time more so compared to newer models on the market today. The older the HVAC is, the more it costs to use or maintain it.over ten years

Increased bills for HVAC repair expenses

If you have been calling HVAC technicians for your system repairs frequently than before and incurring lots of expenses for the works then you know it is worth replacing the HVAC than repairing it. And if your system is costing your quite some money for repairs, it is time you considered getting a new unit. It would be more cost efficient on your part to invest in a whole new system that will not break down frequently instead of paying more for recurring repair services. Frederick Air Conditioning and Heating is your HVAC specialist.

It is too noisy

An HVAC system that produces loud noises normally means that it is sized improperly to carry the cooling and the heating load in the home. It may also mean that there are some mechanical problems with the system. Older units generally will not run as quietly as newer models.

It cannot keep up with your cooling and heating needs

When an HVAC unit gets older, it becomes less efficient. If you have had your home expanded, or an increase in the number of occupants, your cooling, and the HVAC unit may not have the capability to handle the extra workload. In such situations, there is need to get a new HVAC unit.

Air quality has gone down

airqualityIf you cannot seem to get rid of dust in the home, it may be an indication that the filters on the HVAC systems need replacement. If however, the quality of air diminishes, it can be due to your unit being too small to handle the air exchanges or a sign of aging, and thus you need a replacement.

These are some of the signs that indicate that you need a replacement for your existing HVAC system. Ensure however that you consult your HVAC technician before you can go ahead with the replacement.…

rotary camera

The Factors you should Consider when Purchasing a Security Camera

Like every other homeowner, you want to keep your home secure all the time. You do not want to experience break-ins while you are away from your home. If you want to make sure that the security of your home is guaranteed, it is advisable that you install security cameras. Below are some tips that you should consider in order to purchase the right home security camera:

Field view

monitoring camera

The field of view of a camera is the area that it is capable of covering while recording. Bullet cameras usually have small fields of view. On the other hand, dome cameras provide a broad range when it comes to vision. If you desire to cover a wide area, it is advisable that you choose a security camera with a vast field of view.



Another important factor that you should put into consideration is the connectivity of the camera. Good security cameras can connect to a smartphone, Wi-Fi or other cameras without any challenges. It is a brilliant idea to choose a device that comes with a lot of connectivity options.

Video quality

The video quality an element that sets different brands and models of cameras apart from the crowd. If the camera takes blurry photos, you should find something else. Apart from this, you should remember that cameras with clear image quality cost more. However, they are worth the extra cash.


Of course, cost is one of the most vital factors to put into consideration when purchasing a security camera. Typically, the price ranges from $40 to $300 or more. The additional cost is brought about by extra features, like water resistance.


Most security cameras come with motion detection that assists the camera to decide when to turn on and begin filming. The proper functionality of this feature depends on the range of the motion. If the camera has limited range, it may not record individuals who are far away from the camera.

Indoor or outdoor

In the market, you can get cameras that are for indoor use only. Some cameras can be installed outdoors also. Therefore, before you make a choice, it is advisable that you decide what you really need. If you install an indoor camera outside, it will not be capable of standing the test of time.

Wired or wireless

security cameraEventually, you need to decide whether you should opt for a wireless or wired camera. A wireless camera has an inbuilt battery that can keep the camera on without being connected to the power outlet. With a wireless camera, you do not need to deal with long cords. However, once the battery life is done, you will have to purchase another battery which will cost you additional cash.…

kitchen area

How to Increase the Value of your House by Upgrading your Kitchen and Bathroom

Are you thinking of selling your house? Whether you are flipping a house or you are in the pursuit of getting a good price before moving to another house, there are a few methods to boost the home’s value through a bathroom or a kitchen refurbishment. An outdated bathroom and kitchen are the most precise indicator of a house that feels older and significantly rundown. Below are some tips that can get you started on your renovations:



Flooring is imperative in a bathroom and linoleum should not be an option. When linoleum is utilized in the kitchen or bathroom, it can make the whole house seem outdated, unattractive and dirty. Hardwood can take a massive beating in these areas of the house and look worn out and old, even after refurbishing has been carried out. The ideal thing to do is to put down porcelain or ceramic tiles or natural store flooring instead. These materials can sustain a significant amount of foot traffic, clean well and look nice all the time. They appeal to a modern home design and can complement anything that a home buyer may wish to decorate with.


Custom design

A design that is made to order is the best option if you are trying to get the most cash for your home. Bespoke bathrooms are easily noticeable, and they make a difference in price. A home buyer or a real estate agent is capable of telling if fixtures or tiling were merely placed in the same space or designed for the space. You should avoid outrageous designs that can make some classic homebuyers feel uncomfortable when viewing the house. It is critical to ensure that a space does not appeal to only a specific type of style. Elegant stonework with classics like granite, natural stone, travertine, and slate is usually a brilliant option when doing you customization.




bathtubBathrooms can be wholly conventional, or they can be relaxation areas and home spas. One of the best methods to create a more exquisite and expensive feel is to create a separate wetroom and bath bathtub. A spa tub can be a spot where you relax and separate from the conventional use of a shower. Marble or travertine are the best materials to use when creating a custom tiling job for a bespoke bathtub. Mosaic tiles are great for adding a decorative flair to the wetroom wall. If the potential homebuyer can view your place as comfortable and relaxing, they will be excited about purchasing it. Ensure that the bathroom, especially the master bathroom is a place they want to be.…