Although every HVAC system is unique and there is a set standard for when the system should be replaced, there are some signs which you can look for which indicate a need for replacement. You can consider this option especially if a trusted technician has also recommended the same since there are chances you will be spending a lot on frequent repairs. The following are some of the signs that your HVAC system needs replacement.

You have used it for than ten years

While HVAC experts say some systems can work for up to 20 years, these units usually still lose efficiency over time more so compared to newer models on the market today. The older the HVAC is, the more it costs to use or maintain it.over ten years

Increased bills for HVAC repair expenses

If you have been calling HVAC technicians for your system repairs frequently than before and incurring lots of expenses for the works then you know it is worth replacing the HVAC than repairing it. And if your system is costing your quite some money for repairs, it is time you considered getting a new unit. It would be more cost efficient on your part to invest in a whole new system that will not break down frequently instead of paying more for recurring repair services.

It is too noisy

An HVAC system that produces loud noises normally means that it is sized improperly to carry the cooling and the heating load in the home. It may also mean that there are some mechanical problems with the system. Older units generally will not run as quietly as newer models.

It cannot keep up with your cooling and heating needs

When an HVAC unit gets older, it becomes less efficient. If you have had your home expanded, or an increase in the number of occupants, your cooling, and the HVAC unit may not have the capability to handle the extra workload. In such situations, there is need to get a new HVAC unit.

Air quality has gone down

airqualityIf you cannot seem to get rid of dust in the home, it may be an indication that the filters on the HVAC systems need replacement. If however, the quality of air diminishes, it can be due to your unit being too small to handle the air exchanges or a sign of aging, and thus you need a replacement.

These are some of the signs that indicate that you need a replacement for your existing HVAC system. Ensure however that you consult your HVAC technician before you can go ahead with the replacement.