corridor stone cleaning

Routine practices of maintaining your natural stone

The use of natural stone is known to be a more permanent and easier way to maintain surfacing materials. Natural stones are simple to maintain and one can make them look just as new as the years go by. Their perfect cleaning it requires methylated spirit or clean water that is wiped on the surface of the stone using a clean cloth. It’s normally a quick wipe routine. If the stone is not regularly protected, cleaned and maintained, it easily wears out. Sometimes it can prove challenging to have the job done all by yourself, and this calls for the services of professional stone cleaners like california natural stone cleaning. They also look presentable when properly cleaned and maintain your natural stone and the necessary tools and equipment you might require.

Today natural stone is a winning choice when it comes to renovating your shower or bathroom. They are elegant and last a lifetime making yourstone scrubbing bathroom unique. They can style your bathroom bringing durability and beauty. It’s also easy to clean compared to ceramic tiles and fiberglass shower walls. Caring and maintaining natural stones in your bathroom require several routine practices.

Cleaning the stone weekly

Cleaning your bathroom on a weekly basis is a more advisable method of ensuring hygiene. Use of a stone safe cleaning product like granite gold shower cleaner helps prevent and remove water deposits, mildew, grime and soap scum from the surface of the tile. Always ensure you use non-acidic products that are designed only for natural stones. Avoid the use of common household and bathroom cleaning detergents products on natural stone. This is because they often contain acids or ammonia that cause permanent damage.

Seal the stone regularly

Sealing of natural stones helps create a barrier that prevents chemicals and liquids from penetrating into the stone. Having a natural stone in the stone polishingbathroom is subjected to a great deal of shampoo, soap, water and other beauty care products hence sealing is highly recommended regularly. It also keeps away bacteria on the stone and ensures sanitary on the shower. Before sealing the stone, first clean and dry. Later employ stone sealer in the small sections and instantly buff into the stone with a clean cloth. Buff till you ensure the sealer is absorbed and then dry it to prevent haziness.

Treat Mildew with bleach

Mold or mildew can be removed from the stone surface through the use of laundry bleach detergents mixed with water. The solution can be sprayed on the tile. Gently scrub with a bristle brush or any other non-scratch nylon pad to prevent scratching the stone surface. Let the solution stay for about ten to fifteen minutes after scrubbing and later wash it away with some clean water.…