September 27, 2019

Rave Coffee Review

Ordering online is now one of the easiest ways to source whole bean coffee, but the choice of suppliers available is massive, and the quality can be variable. Over the past few years I have tried a range of different suppliers, but my favourite by some distance is Rave.

Based in Cirencester, Rave roast a variety of high quality beans, including single origin coffees and their own blends. Coffee sourced for blends scores a minimum of 82 points on the SCA scale; for single origins they aim for 84+.

Other plus points include:

  1. Delivery Speed: Orders are typically dispatched the next day and, in my experience, have always arrived in 2-3 days.
  2. Freshness: I don’t believe I’ve ever received a bag that had a roast date of more than 1 week before arrival, typically it’s the day of the dispatch. The roast date is also always clearly labelled.
  3. Price: For the quality, the prices are very reasonable. Partially because you’re not paying for fancy packaging.

One recent development I’m hugely excited about is their new range of dark roasts. For me, you just can’t beat a good dark roast brewed in a Chemex. The limited number they stocked previously was a mild annoyance, so the announcement was welcome news.

Our top 5 Rave coffee beans

1. Chatswood Blend

Price: £4.95 / 250g
Roast: Dark
Description: The Chatswood Blend is a coffee I just keep going back to again and again. Expect a full bodied hit of chocolate, accompanied by an underlying sweetness and only a touch of acidity. If I owned a shop, this would be my house coffee.

2. Colombian Suarez

Price: £5.25 / 250g
Roast: Medium/Dark
Description: Colombian Suarez is one of Rave’s long-term single origin coffees, forming a part of its sustainability project. The prevalent flavours in the coffee are caramel and chocolate, but it retains a freshness from its natural acidity and a sweetness which lingers on the palate.

3. Mocha Java Blend

Price: £4.50 / 250g
Roast: Medium
Description: The Mocha Java Blend is simply the most chocolatey coffee I have ever tasted. If you like chocolate flavours, you will love this blend.

4. Indian Monsoon Malabar

Price: £4.95 / 250g
Roast: Dark
Description: The Indian Indian Monsoon Malabar is exposed to extremes of weather, resulting in a full bodied, chocolatey flavour, with smoky undertones.

5. Sumatra Tano Batak

Price: £5.85 / 250g
Roast: Medium
Description: The Sumatra Tano Batak is Rave’s follow up to their previous Sumatran hit, Super Gayo. Whilst it does not quite reach the dizzy heights of its forebear, the coffee has the same natural sweetness and hints of spice which were so enjoyable in the previous iteration.